The release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, code-named Noble Numbat, introduces a wave of innovation to the open-source community. This version not only promises stability and long-term support but also brings a host of new features and improvements. This article delves into the significant updates and additions in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, from kernel and toolchain updates to enhanced security features and performance optimizations.


Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, released in April 2024, is a Long-Term Support (LTS) version, which means it will receive security updates and technical support for five years, until June 2029. This makes it an ideal choice for users who need a reliable and stable system for long-term use. The main focus of the developers has been on enhancing security, performance, and functionality.

New Features and Improvements


Kernel and System Updates

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS comes with the updated Linux kernel version 6.8, which introduces numerous new features and improvements. These include support for new architectures and devices, performance enhancements, and security improvements. The 6.8 kernel supports new hardware capabilities and improves power management, making it more efficient for both server and desktop environments.

The system initialization process has also been updated with systemd version 255.4, providing faster boot times and better service management. Systemd now supports more complex resource management scenarios and improved event handling, allowing system administrators to better control service behavior.

Year 2038 Problem Solved

One of the notable technical advancements is the resolution of the Year 2038 problem on the armhf architecture. This important update avoids the time overflow issue by using 64-bit time values instead of 32-bit, extending the lifespan of devices by billions of years. More than a thousand packages have been adapted to work with 64-bit time values, significantly improving system longevity and reliability.

Networking Enhancements

The new version of the Netplan 1.0 networking stack in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS brings support for simultaneous use of WPA2 and WPA3, along with performance and stability improvements. Netplan now supports high-performance network interfaces such as Mellanox VF-LAG for SR-IOV and VXLAN enhancements. A new command, `netplan status --diff`, allows users to compare the current system configuration with the specified one, simplifying network troubleshooting and configuration.

Development Tools and Compilers

Updates to development tools include the new versions of GCC 14, binutils 2.42, and glibc 2.39. These updates provide support for new programming language features and improve compilation performance. Python now defaults to version 3.12, bringing new language features and performance improvements. OpenJDK has been updated to version 21, ensuring support for new Java standards and improved interoperability with other platforms.

Additionally, LLVM has been updated to version 18, Rust to version 1.75, and Golang to version 1.22. These updates include support for new language features and improvements in compilation and performance. .NET 8 is now supported by default, expanding the capabilities for developers using this framework.

Security and Data Protection

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS offers significant security enhancements. Updates include the integration of Apport with systemd-coredump for more efficient crash analysis. This allows developers to diagnose and fix crashes more quickly and accurately, improving overall system stability.

Restrictions on the use of unprivileged user namespaces strengthen system protection by reducing attack vectors. By default, AppArmor now limits the use of unprivileged namespaces, safeguarding the system from potential vulnerabilities. These restrictions can be configured for specific applications, providing flexibility and security.

Additionally, older versions of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 have been completely disabled, ensuring more secure communications. Updated AppArmor rules provide access to OpenSSL and GnuTLS configuration files, improving compatibility and security.

Disk Encryption and Data Security

The new release introduces experimental disk encryption with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) support. This feature allows automatic management of decryption keys, enhancing data security without requiring a password at every boot. TPM encryption protects against physical attacks, making the system more secure for use in corporate environments.

Performance and Optimization

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS includes numerous performance improvements, ranging from kernel optimizations to updates in applications and services. A new set of performance engineering tools is installed by default on relevant Ubuntu systems, and a new performance-tools metapackage helps diagnose and resolve performance issues.

Changes in the system's default configuration also contribute to overall performance improvements. For example, changes in apt priorities allow users to more accurately select and test updates, reducing the risk of installing unstable packages.

Updated Graphical Interface

GNOME has been updated to version 46, bringing improvements to the user interface and new features. The new Ubuntu App Center, written using Flutter, replaces the old Snap Store and offers a more convenient and faster way to install and update applications. The new interface makes the process of installing and updating applications more intuitive and enjoyable for users.

Furthermore, GNOME updates include performance and stability improvements, as well as new features such as enhanced notifications and customization options. This makes the desktop environment more functional and user-friendly.

Application Updates

Standard applications such as Firefox, LibreOffice, and Thunderbird have been updated to new versions, providing enhanced functionality and security. Firefox now fully supports Wayland, improving performance and stability on systems using this display server. LibreOffice has been updated to version 24.2, bringing new features and performance enhancements. Thunderbird 115 "Supernova" is now available exclusively as a Snap package, ensuring simpler updates and installation.

Known Issues

As with any major update, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS has some known issues that may affect users. For example, there are issues with initializing Intel MIPI cameras with the ipu6 driver and temporary regressions in graphics performance in Xorg sessions using the Nvidia driver. There are also known issues with supporting certain devices and applications, which may require additional configuration or updates for proper operation.

Installation and Upgrades

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS offers an improved installation and upgrade process. The new Ubuntu Desktop Bootstrap installer provides an enhanced interface and customization options, making the installation process more user-friendly and intuitive. Support for cloud-init auto-loading configurations allows automation of the installation and setup process, particularly useful for corporate users and system administrators.

System updates also include improved support for ZFS, offering more options for data storage management. Experimental support for TPM disk encryption simplifies data protection and enhances system security.

Cloud Platform Support

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS continues the tradition of excellent support for cloud platforms. Updates include improvements in working with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, making Ubuntu an excellent choice for deployment in cloud environments. Cloud-init support and improved cloud images make it easy and quick to deploy and configure systems in the cloud.


Ubuntu 24.04 LTS continues the tradition of providing a stable and reliable operating system with long-term support while offering a host of new features and improvements. Whether you are a developer, system administrator, or regular user, this version provides everything needed for safe and productive work. With security updates, performance improvements, and new development tools, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding users.

This version promises to be one of the best in the Ubuntu lineup, thanks to its focus on improving security, performance, and functionality. With numerous new features and enhancements, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is poised to be a reliable tool for all types of users.